The Story of Matryoshka

From the Developer

Finnian Reilly shares the story of how he got the inspiration to develop this software.

Finnian Reilly

Winter 2018

The idea for Matryoshka first came to me during the Winter of 2018 while sitting on a bench in the national botanical gardens of Ireland. I was interested to photograph a tree which had some anomolous blobs, most likely the result of some disease. Trees of course are the classic example of a fractal pattern. I have always been interested in fractals, and in my youth spent quite a bit of time playing around in C++ with geometric fractals as line based drawings. But it never occurred to me create a fractal pattern based on photographic images. However the act of photographing this tree made gave me the idea to make some software that would replicate an image in a fractal pattern. I was thinking about this idea for a full year before I eventually decided to write some code and see how the results would look. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to create an interesting picture, and as the software improved I created many interesting artworks. The images in this website are just a small selection of the 200 or so I created for a private exhibiton for my friends.

I hope you will have as much creative fun using Matryoshka as I have.

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