Installing Matryoshka

After downloading the self-extracting installer exe, right click on the Matryoshka and select on the context menu:

Run as Administrator

Microsoft Defender will usually bring up a warning message that looks like this:

Defender Warning

Clicking on theMore Info link you will see something like:

Publisher's Name

This verifies that the software has been digitally signed by Hex 11 Software, the publisher of Matryoshka, and is safe to install. Matryoshka is guaranteed to be free of any malware or spyware. Click on theRun anyway button to continue installation, and follow the instructions on-screen.

Windows App Store

Microsoft is trying to discourage Independent software developer from distributing their software in this way. But if you publish on their app store, they want their cut, which can vary between 5% and 15%. They also make the developer jump through all kinds of bureaucratic hoops. Similarly on the Steam app store.

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